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Owners Document Request Form - Step 1

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Refunds and cancellations are not permitted.

1. Request For Information

Strata / Building / Unit Information

(Please note: only One Strata Lot is permitted per order)

2. Requested By Date

Your documents will be available in 7 days. If you require them earlier, an additional fee for rush service will apply as follows (fees are in Canadian dollars and exclude all applicable taxes):

Same Day Service
additional $150.00
Next Business Day(after 2pm)
additional $125.00
Next 2 Business Days
additional $100.00
Next 3-4 Business Days
additional $80.00

We will be closed on following days for holidays:

  • 06/30/2023 3:30 p.m.  Canada D Early Of
  • 07/03/2023 CLOSED  Canada Day

3. Method of Delivery

Documents can be emailed to you, or mailed to you.
All forms will be available by 3:00 pm on the requested delivery day.